Why Choose E Cigarettes Over Tobacco Cigarettes?

How to reduce smoking

You have been a hard core smoker for several years but throughout your smoking years, you have been aware of the ills of tobacco smoking and the impending dangers that can arise from its use. Sadly, the awareness has not helped you or motivated you to stop smoking altogether. Why?

Reasons for tobacco addiction

Total dependence on nicotine

When you smoke a tobacco cigarette, you inhale tobacco smoke. Nicotine is a chemical in tobacco that is delivered to the lungs when you puff on a cigarette. The human brain has certain chemicals called neurotransmitters. Dopamine is one of these that enhances feelings of pleasure and improves your mood. These effects caused by nicotine are mainly responsible for the total dependence of smokers on nicotine.

There are several factors both physical and behavioral associated with nicotine dependence. Some of them are:

  • An urge to smoke at certain times of the day
  • During stressful times
  • With your morning coffee
  • When talking with a friend over phone
  • When you see someone else smoking
  • With alcohol
  • While driving

Smokers need to learn to deal with such situations when they decide to kick their smoking habit by reducing their nicotine dependence.

Tobacco Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are physical symptoms experienced by people who feel sick when they stop or try to stop using the substance they are addicted to, in this case, tobacco.

Initially, smokers will be happy smoking just one cigarette because it would make them excited but very soon, the nicotine dependence becomes strong enough to cause withdrawal symptoms when they want to quit smoking. So, before they realize it, smokers get hooked to the nicotine in the tobacco and it becomes very difficult for them to stop smoking.

Common symptoms of tobacco withdrawal in smokers include the following:

  • They feel frustrated and depressed
  • Their mood is unpredictable and become angry for no reason
  • They feel like eating more
  • They gain weight
  • They lose focus
  • They tend to sleep less
  • They are always anxious

Risks of Using Tobacco

Use of tobacco is the major cause of preventable death in the United States. It kills more people than AIDS, accidents, suicides and other deaths put together. There are several risks to your health when you develop an addiction to tobacco.

Lung diseases:

  • Long-time smokers become prone to chronic bronchitis
  • The pathway between the lungs and the trachea (windpipe) become inflamed
  • Results in emphysema where the air sacs of the lungs become enlarged and don’t function properly
  • Inflammation of the lungs due to infection leads to pneumonia


Cancer of the lungs, larynx (throat), mouth and esophagus (stomach) are caused by tobacco. It has also been found to cause other cancers. This is due to the fact that several chemicals found in tobacco encourage cell changes and tumor growth resulting in cancer.

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