These days, glass rules all in the smoking world. From the origins of using wood, clay, and metal pipes, glass came along and provided the user with a cleaner, more unique, and healthier option. Starting as basic “spoon” pipes (pipes that literally are in the shape of a spoon), glassblowers worldwide began experimenting with crazy new shapes and designs, and with the addition of “fuming” the world of color-changing glass was born.

Here at Bear Necessities we have the largest selection of glass hand pipes in Northern Colorado. Ranging from a cheap little “throw-away” travel pipe for $2.99 to extensive handblown artwork devices that can price as high as $1,000…we have you covered. For more info on our local exclusive glassblowers visit our Handblown Glass page.
















Each of our three locations features a huge selection of glass pipes that are ALWAYS BOGO Half Off. While not locally blown, these are production pieces that are made with quality but at a price that any smoker can afford. Our BOGO cases range from $3.99 to $19.99, with some of the headier bubblers and pipes going for $24.99-$59.99. When you can get half off on a second piece, it only makes sense to take advantage of the deal and pick up a “back-up” pipe in case of catastrophe to the first, or be nice and give the second to a friend. Though these pipes are very reasonably priced, you will find a surprising amount of quality and individuality in the selection.











Chillems, or one-hitters, or bats, etc., are a simple and discreet way to smoke your herbs on the go. Basically just a straight tube with a bowl on the end, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Chillems are usually among the cheapest smoking pipes in the shop, however we have had glassblowers custom make chillems that have sold for well over $100. Perfect for camping or any time you just need a quick toke (like your lunch break…we won’t tell your boss).













Spoon pipes are quite simply, shaped like a spoon. They come all different shapes and sizes, and vary greatly in quality and uniqueness as well. Probably the most common kind of hand pipe, we have a vast collection of spoons ranging from our $3.99 2.5″ pipes you will find in our BOGO cases, to elaborate handblown art pieces adorned with galaxy marbles and complex horn work. Come check out what interesting spoons we have in stock this week!
















Sherlock pipes are curved neck hand pipes popularized by the old Sherlock Holmes wooden tobacco pipe he became known for. Of course, these days, the name merely implies the shape of the pipe, and you will find that the sherlock design lends itself to an array of fantastic innovative artwork.














Steamrollers are a very popular style of smoking pipe. Commonly made of glass, they are simply a tube with two open ends and a bowl generally indented into the top of the tube. Some steamrollers are more like spoon pipes with the carb on the end instead of the side, whereas others are 2-foot long 3″ tubes with massive bowls, giving the users an impressive (if not cough-inducing) puff. We have a variety of steamrollers in stock at all times, from smaller imported styles to the gargantuan Zong and locally handblown behemoths.














Sidecars are a hybrid between a sherlock and a steamroller. Immensely popular due to their “pistol” style grip (using your “trigger” finger to operate the carb), these pipes can be found in a wide variety of decorative styles. As the sidecar shape isn’t a common style for import glass, most sidecars that you will find in our shops are handblown by local artists. If you haven’t experienced the uniqueness of hitting a sidecar, then I think we know what your next piece will be.















Bubblers are the original “water pipe” at its most basic form. Most bubblers come in either the “sherlock” (or upright) style, or the “hammer” style, where the bubbler rests on the base and the mouthpiece. A small downstream is fused to the bottom of the bowl, which is long enough to inject the smoke below the surface of the water in the lower chamber, resulting in the bubbling action as you inhale that gives this device its name. Filtering your smoke through water draws some of the harmful (and harsh) carcinogens out of your puff, giving you a smoother hit. While the filtration on most bubblers is minimal compared to that of an actual bong, anything helps right? Bubblers come in basic import styles that start out at $9.99, all the way up to insane handblown works of art with horns and marbles and gemstones adorning them that can range up to $1,000.