At Bear Necessities we feature glass from a multitude of artists from around the country, but we pride ourselves most in the work of our two contract glassblowers who each only produce art for our three Bear Necessities locations and our parent wholesale company, GNH Wholesale. If you find their work in any head shop or dispensary around the country, it came directly from us!




















Right in our own backyard in Greeley, Colorado, BMH Glass is locally blown by owner/operator/artist Bryce Huffman. His glass work includes an impeccably priced Production line, a beautiful worked-glass line adorned with gorgeous marbles, and his classic inside-out line of pipes and bubblers. Known for his heavy fuming techniques and intricate decorative marbles and beads that liven his glass, BMH has been consistently making smokers happy for years. Stop in to any of our three locations and hit up the handblown section, and you find a case entirely devoted to the functional artwork of BMH Glass. Bryce is also known for doing live glass expos at the Bear Necessities Greeley 420 celebration.























Also operating out of his studio in Greeley, Colorado, Nik Hertneky is the man behind the torch for FireBender Glass. A true utility artist,  FireBender produces everything from fancy color plate hand pipes to decorative dab rigs. One of his most popular creations is the Boro Dab Straw (retail only $4.99), a perfect on-the-go dabber. He also has been perfecting the art of horn-work, and much of his work also features beautiful opal stones rolled into the glass. Pop by any of our three locations and check out the work of FireBender Glass!